Camp Velenje

About us

The story ABOUT US is the story of three men who bought an old campsite in the desire to preserve and develop tourism in Šaleška Valley. Together, they put all their energy into it and directed it to the development of the camp and, consequently, tourism in the Šaleška valley. There is no lack of desire and drive, nor original ideas, so in our company you will be able to experience countless activities, taste good food, and above all, meet many good and positive people who strive to make your vacation unforgettable and full of beautiful memories.

Lidija - camp manager

Miro - Zoo Station


Camp infrastructure


Information spot of the camp, where friendly receptionists give you all the information you need.


The restaurant can accommodate up to 150 people. It can host group gatherings, banquets, the possibilities are unlimited.


Ob gostilni kampa je veliko otroško igrišče. Postavljeno je tako, da imate starši ob dobri kavici priložnost popaziti na svoje otroke.

Modern sanitary facilities

There is a toilet building in the middle of the camp, which has, in addition to standard toilets and showers, a toilet for the disabled and a children's toilet.

Zoo Station

Spot for water activities in the camp, where it is possible to rent all kinds of surfboards or book guided instructions.